Research Group Retreat 2023 Interlaken

In August 2023, the second annual Community Health and Health(care) Systems Research Group retreat took place. Professor Noora Ronkainen, from the Institute of Sport Science at the University of Bern, commenced the retreat with a thought-provoking presentation titled “Meaningful research, meaningful sport”. In her talk, Prof. Ronkainen reflected on the multifaceted nature of humans’ sources of meaning, exploring both constructivist and phenomenological perspectives. These perspectives contemplated whether meaning is a product of human creation or an inherent facet of the world, ready to be discovered. Throughout the retreat, the theme of researcher reflexivity remained a constant companion, guiding our intellectual journey. With a stop-over at a mystery room in Interlaken – where both teams proved to be smart and solved the riddles – we dove into the core workshops of the retreat in Ringgenberg, Canton of Bern, where lively discussions on research methods, terminologies and the future trajectory of the research group was accompanied by co-produced delicious meals.

After two days of rigorous intellectual engagement and fun, the Community Health and Health (care) Systems research group members returned home to their projects with renewed inspiration and strengthened motivation!

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